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Ruegsegger Farms Beef is raised on pasture it's entire life. That is how and why we do not need antibiotics or other chemicals to keep our cattle healthy - because when on pasture the animals are always in fresh air and sunshine. Our Beef Herd is able to freely roam 130 acres of rolling hills, meadows, woods and open fields.

The only exception is that for those customers who still prefer the fattier steaks and other cuts we separate some steers and feed them enough corn to marble the meat to it's maximum. Of course these steers lose their Omega 3's, but if you want an extra juicy T-bone this is the compromise.

NOTE: When ordering be sure to indicate your preference of GRASS finished or CORN finished beef.

Ruegsegger Farms Beef is Primarily Black Angus, with a few added breeds to the cow herd such as Belted, Hereford, Holstein, Jersey and others that give each batch of steaks and other cuts a new and different flavor and texture. Due to Southern Wisconsin's ever changing seasons Ruegsegger Farms Beef may taste different from time to time. This is the result of different grasses, clovers and alfalfa plants maturing at different times depending on the climate and moisture. Available cuts include:

  • Steaks
  • Ground Beef (all muscle - no added fillers)
  • Stew Meat
  • Roasts
  • Dried Beef
  • Soup Bones
  • Heart
  • Tongue
  • Liver
  • Short Ribs
  • Ox-tail
  • All Beef Sausages - Brats, Hot-dogs, Ring Bologna, Landjaegers and Summer Sausages
  • Landjaeger - our most popular, "European Style Snack" stick, contains all beef, very little spice, and a very rich smoked flavor
  • Ruegsegger Farms Snack Stix contain 20% Pork trim (not fat) - a little added treat in a convenient portable pack
  • 1/8 Steer
  • 1/4 Steer
  • 1/2 Steer
  • Sample Boxes
  • Variety Boxes
All cuts are sold by the pound.

Steaks, ground beef, roasts and more...

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