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Ken and Sherrie showcasing their products at the
2004 Madison Food and Wine Show.

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Located in South Central Wisconsin, in the rolling hills just outside of New Glarus the Ruegsegger Farm has been in their family since 1958 when Ken's father Albert, who farmed it as a dairy, pork, and egg business purchased it. Ken has operated the farm since 1980. Initially specializing in dairy Ken received numerous quality and quantity awards. Diversification started when he butchered a steer, and sold two quarters to friends, next it was a pig, then eggs, and before long the Dairy herd was sold. Now the Ruegseggers - Ken, his wife Sherrie, and their two youngest sons Aaron - 18 and Clark - 14 are raising and direct marketing beef, pork, veal, lamb, eggs, chicken, bison and ostrich.

Today, the Ruegsegger family raises their livestock as Ken learned from his father, with patience. Because there are no hormones or antibiotics used, the animals are healthier, but take a little longer to mature. Conversely commercial beef are implanted with hormones regularly, and fed antibiotics every day to keep them alive and growing fast while living on concrete in a confined feedlot. On the other hand The Ruegseggers' cattle are pastured up until the day they are slaughtered, living as "naturally" as possible.

Their meats are processed in small, family owned, quality driven plants where every animal/bird is checked by a Certified Wisconsin State Inspector. Their beef and buffalo are aged for up to 27 days before packaging to bring out the tenderness and maximum natural flavor. The meats are then flash frozen to ensure a fresh, safe product for you.

Ruegsegger Farms products are Wisconsin State inspected, licensed, and insured. Farm fresh eggs are washed, and packed as nest run, they are not graded or sized except for Pullets and Jumbos which are limited in availability.

Please read the testimonials of enthusiastic and satisfied customers who wholeheartedly support Ruegsegger Farms.

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Because Ruegsegger Farms are Wisconsin State Inspected, our meats are available for home delivery or shipping anywhere within the State of Wisconsin. Current Free Home Delivery or farmers' market pick up includes areas from Madison to Milwaukee. We "meat" several folks from the greater Chicago area in Beloit, where they pick up their orders and return home.

Thank You,

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Paoli Local Foods

We opened our own local food store "PAOLI LOCAL FOODS" on June 7th 2007. We are located at (Map) 6895 Paoli Road in beautiful downtown Paoli next to the Village Park. This is also County Hwy PB. If you Google our address, be sure to use the Post Office of "Belleville" and zipcode "53508".

The store phone number is: (608) 845-FOOD (3663)
The website is:
Our store email is:

Our store is open Monday - Friday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM; Saturday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. We are closed on Sundays and the Holidays of New Years Day (Sherrie's and mine anniversary), Easter, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, and Christmas Day.

We stock our shelves with our meats, poultry, eggs, organic produce, homemade jams, pickles, wild gathered items, organic compost and so much more. We support about 80 local producers with their wares and network with our customers to offer extra savings to those who support us thru CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) investments.

We also stock the shelve with the finest organic foods and earth friendly products.

Stop in for a fresh brewed coffee, any one of our 17 "local meat" sandwiches, our famous goulash, chili, homemade soups, lasagna, garden salads, homemade smoothies, or a dip of local organic ice cream.

Every customer at our store receives a $1 off coupon for our famous "Grass-fed Beef Burger" at the New Glarus Hotel.

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we are impressed with the quality and flavor of the ground beef and pork we have bought from you. We have picked it up from two of your pick-up points and they both have been very convenient for us. We are looking forward to more purchases in the future."
Pamela K. - Madison, WI

we have been very pleased with your meats, and I'm sure we will purchase more in the future."
John M. - Madison, WI

"Thank you for the wonderful pork. The taste is out of this world."
Debra K. - Madison, WI

Just a quick to say how much we appreciate the ability to purchase meat raised without chemicals or antibiotics. Your attention to this necessity is greatly appreciated, and we find the meats to be quite good.

As you know, we purchase beef, lamb and sandwich meats. All are quite full of flavor, and the packaging clearly identifies the contents of each individual package. We also appreciate the ready availability for our pick-up, for as you know we drive from Racine County, and have small windows of opportunity for those pick-ups.

We are looking forward to trying your other offerings, and wish you continued success with your efforts to raise wholesome animals for fine meat products."
Tom M. - Racine, WI

"Outstanding! Just Outstanding."
Julie W. - Wausau, WI

"The Best we've ever had!"
Mike & Stacey S. - Cross Plains, WI

"These field-roaming hens
Succulent grass here, seeds there
Cackle berries delight!"
A. Snowdon - Sun Prairie, WI

"I never thought I'd be writing testimonials about meat, but one bite changed my outlook. I used to buy my organic meat mainly at the Madison Farmers' Market & have been happy with it. One Sunday my husband went to the Monona Market instead & brought back beef short ribs from a different vendor - the Ruegseggers. I will never forget the moment I took the first bite of the rib - if there was a meat heaven on earth, that was it! I do not recall ever feeling so strongly about any meat. I was astonished by the taste, tenderness, juiciness & even by the masterful way the ribs were cut. It was an all around perfection! Of course, I had to go to the market myself & meet the Ruegseggers in person. I believe, I found my meat for many years to come. I can't wait to try their chicken & turkey. On behalf of my family Thank You for your hard work & truly unsurpassed product!"
Ledda M. - Madison, WI

"We serve a lot of eggs for breakfast here at 'My Friends' House.' Our guests are always delightfully impressed to hear that we only serve free range eggs, home delivered, from the Farm of Ken & Sherrie Ruegsegger. You instantly know how different these eggs are compared to store bought eggs, when you crack one open! These fresh eggs with their rich yellow yolks are wonderful whether eaten in breakfast dishes or in baked goods. We serve only the best at My Friends' House!"
Craig & Linda Foreback
My Friends' House B & B
New Glarus, WI

The corn fed t-bones were fantastic, the chickens were great, and the Leg of Lamb was wonderful! I will be ordering again soon your meat is truly world class!"
Glen J. - Windsor, WI

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In generic terms: raised without chemicals, hormones, or antibiotics. However, organic cattle may be confined to feedlots, and poultry may be caged.

Free Range:
Livestock/Poultry raised free range are allowed access to fresh air and sunshine, one step-up from confinement.

Many farmers free range chickens for example, are allowed outside on gravel in a very limited area (enclosed by fence), and covered with a tarp to keep the sun off of them. A very small step-up compared to "Ruegsegger Standards".

Pastured animals are exactly that, they live outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air on clean vegetated open fields, free of diseases, and other harmful organisms. Note: Sunshine makes flavor!

Ruegsegger Farms Beef, Bison, Lamb, Veal, and Chicken, (both the meat and egg layers) have free access to pasture, shaded woods, spring fed streams, and an open barn in very severe Wisconsin winter weather. Our Chicken (both meat and egg laying) have unlimited (no fenced in yards) access to all outdoors.

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